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Rogers Fire Department

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As you can tell by my profile my name is Nick Mason but all my friends call me Nanner. I am 33 and married to the love of my life. My wife of 5 years is pregnant with our first child. I cut my teeth in EMS at the young age of 13. My family all volunteered for an ambulance service in the small town of Garfield AR. So I followed their footsteps. While I wouldn't recommend this it was a great experience that has led to where I am at today. I work at the Rogers Fire Department in Rogers, Arkansas. I started at the RFD on April 22, 2007 as a firefighter/EMT. I am currently assigned to the training division as an EMS Captain over professional development. I take care of almost all of our EMS related training. When I am not at the fire department, I love to kayak, fish, hunt and am newly oriented into the art of wood working.