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Drew R. Smith, EFO, CFO, LP is the Fire Chief of the Prospect Heights (IL) Fire District. He has been a member of the fire service for 42 years and a chief officer for the past 30 serving in volunteer, part-time, private, and municipal career departments. For 28 years he was responsible for all training in Prospect Heights. He holds multiple advanced certifications from the Illinois State Fire Marshal. He is a member of several state and national fire service organizations including the IAFC and ISFSI. He has presented at FDIC 24 times over the past 26 years. His experiences include the formation of a new fire department, transitions from volunteer to career staff, the implementation of a first aerial apparatus into fire departments, and the formation and operation of two recruit fire academies. He has extensive experience in training and operational program development and management, leadership and supervision of mid-level managers, and the development of policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Between 2009 and 2016 he served as the director of the Northeastern IL Public Safety Training Academy – NIPSTA – Firefighter Academy which trains both entry-level and incumbent career members. Currently he serves on the NIPSTA Executive Committee as Vice President. He has been a member of the MABAS Division 3 Technical Rescue Team since its founding in 1988, its director between 1992 and 2012, and liaison to the regional joint chiefs from 2012-2018. Between 2002 and 2012, he served as the chair of the MABAS-IL Statewide Technical Rescue committee coordinating 39 regional teams. Since 2003 he has served as an adjunct faculty at Oakton Community College instructing AAS candidates who seek a career in the fire service.