Derrick Phillips

St. Louis Fire Department

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St. Louis Fire Department


With over 23 years of progressively responsible experience within the St. Louis Fire Department, I’m known as an accomplished and dynamic leader committed to the growth and development of the department. An exceptional communicator, I consistently and thoughtfully represent the interests of the department and the city.

My multifaceted career illustrates the breadth of my experience. Currently Chief Instructor of the St. Louis Fire Department Training Academy, I’ve also worked as Chief Fire & Explosion Investigator and Public Education Officer. My colleagues recognize me as an inspiring leader who is able to make tough decisions and hold staff accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

A few highlights of my career accomplishments:
⇨ I designed and implemented a successful smoke alarm program that realized over 2,000 lives saved within 10 years
⇨ I also wrote grants resulting in millions of dollars of additional funding for the department.
⇨ And I was instrumental in successfully eliminating several arson for profit rings.

If your department could benefit from a visionary leader with extensive experience, connect with me.