Edward Hadfield

Fire Chief,
Rincon Fire Department

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Rincon Fire Department


As Fire Chief, responsibilities include direct interaction and coordination with Government Staff, Council, Chief of Public Safety and local community groups. Serving the community requires management of large complex incidents, fire prevention related issues, budget preparation, analysis and forecasting. Long term vision includes develop strategic planning recommendations for the protection of life and property in the community and region. Oversee and supervise 31 full time employees including suppression and administrative personnel. Directly develop, oversee and make recommendation for community safety standards. Supervise and direct the Fire Operations Division, Fire Prevention Division and Community Risk Reduction Program. Recommend and administer policies, procedures and new fire ordinances in regional areas. Monitor and evaluate the efficiency and service delivery methods and develop performance measures to better serve our community and the region. Routine duties also include analysis of technical data; develop county-wide policies and procedures; develop major disaster plans. Review and analyze proposed legislation; recommend appropriate department position on legislation. Evaluate the performance of personnel and recommend compensation; recommend or implement disciplinary actions; establish work standards and train/develop subordinates

Accomplishments and Skills:
*30 years of experience in public safety
*Budget and Finance; preparation, management, analysis and forecasting
*Development of Succession Plans and Mentoring Models
*Development and implementation of Master and Strategic Plans
*Fire code adoption and Community Risk Reduction planning
*Extensive diversity outreach development and implementation
*Regionalized policy development and implementation
*Human resources and labor negotiations experience