William Gardner


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I have more than 35 years of Fire and EMS experience. Most recently, he was the Chief of the Leander Fire Department, retiring in February 2019 and holding that role since 2010. Gardner was instrumental in helping the fire department grow and scale in one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.  Chief Gardner has worked in numerous size agencies from all-volunteer to metro-size departments.

I have blessed to receive numerous recognitions during service at the local, state, national level.  He currently holds Master Fire Firefighter Certification, Investigators Certification, Instructor Certifications, CFO, and CFE. He also served as the President of the Texas State Firefighters and Fire Marshals’ Association. Gardner serves as a Senior Advisor for Leander Fire Department currently, as an Instructor and Advisory Board Member to TEEX Annual School Programs, Instructor in Chief Development Program, and presents at numerous state and national conferences.  Works with publishers and programs on curriculum development for fire officers and leadership programs.  

I hold several degrees and certifications in fire administration, fire technology, EMS, and emergency management from a variety of organizations, including Texas Tech University, the Center for Public Safety Excellence and the National Fire Academy.