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Olivette Fire Department

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Olivette Fire Department


Innovative leader with more than 24 years of progressively responsible experience in both management and labor roles in the public safety environment. Strategically plan direction of rapidly evolving public safety agency. design and implement innovative management policies, processes and programs. Continuously enhance fire and EMS operations. Lead professional development, mentor and coach fire service personnel for the future. Specialties: NFA Executive Leadership, Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations, Strategic Analysis of Community Risk Reduction, EMI Advance Public Information Officer, NFA Leading Community Risk Reduction, NFA Executive Development, EMI Integrated Emergency Management Course, MO State Firefighter I & II, MO State Fire Instructor I & II, MO State Fire Investigator, MO State Fire Officer I & II, MO State Fire Inspector, MO State Lead Evaluator, MO Paramedic Certification