Jeremy Gerald

Baton Rouge Fire Department

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Baton Rouge Fire Department
Silver Most Valuable Member


I have been a member of the Baton Rouge Fire Department since 2000. I have managed to serve in every district in the Baton Rouge Fire Department at some point in my career, and have worked on each shift. In 2010 I was promoted to Driver and spent the next two years working with old friends and making new ones as the Operator of Engine 10. 

I moved to Fire Prevention in 2012 where I assumed the role of Fire Inspector, Public Educator, and Fire Prevention Committee Co-Chair.

I am a cancer survivor.

This explains what I have done with my life to make a living, but does not tell you how I have lived. My life has been to serve the people of Baton Rouge for the last 20 plus years, and the citizens of the nation during the times before then. My life has been one of service and I wish to continue to be a service to those who are still working to make a difference in the lives of those who know we will be on our way there as soon as a the call comes. The most important people I serve are the ones I call family. Not all are blood. Some you wouldn't want to be related to in real life, but they are family none the less. The most important one of all is my wife. She is my influence, my inspiration, my love and my guide. Without her, I most likely would be lost.