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Columbus Department of Fire & EMS


Current Job Duties: Act as Assistant Chief in His/Her Absence Command, Control, and Direct Company Activities at Fire and Emergency Scenes - Assign personnel to fire or emergency scene tasks, evaluate whether assignments adequately meet objectives, and modify assignments as necessary. Recognize and react to life and property hazards of fires and similar emergencies. Command operations to protect life, property, equipment, and apparatus from exposure to fire or other dangers. Direct company officers in conducting Extinguishment Activities, Exposure Protection, Forcible Entry, Handling Hazardous Materials, Ladder Operations, Rescue Operations, Salvage and Overhaul, Ventilation. Conduct and Direct Initial Size-up at Fire or Emergency Scene - Upon arrival, analyze fire, rescue, or other emergency situations and plan appropriate responses to those situations. Determine the adequacy of initial response and call for additional resources if necessary. Coordinate and Perform Public Education and Services - Coordinate and perform public education and service activities, such as making presentations to schools, businesses, and other community groups, conducting station tours, distributing educational materials, and engaging in prevention activities. Direct and Coordinate Code Inspections and Pre-Incident Planning Direct, Coordinate, and Ensure Equipment and Apparatus Inspection and Maintenance Direct, Manage, and Coordinate Resources for Emergency Medical Services and First Aid Evaluate, Counsel and Discipline Subordinates Initiate Coordination and Planning of Training and Instruction Interact with the Public and Other Agencies Perform Organizational Planning and Administration Write Reports, Correspondence and Other Materials